“Exnor Quality Foods”
was born from the association of six Spanish companies for the commercialization of their products in the external markets and to make known the quality, service and knowledge to produce. These six companies unite their efforts to approach the external markets and in this way administrate a new commercial network.

Integrated by:
Bacalaos EL Barquero, Cosfer, El Hórreo Healthy Food, Friobas, Mariscos Oviñana y Simón Martín Guijuelo.

All the component companies have as an objective the client's satisfaction and the continuous improvement in the quality of
their products and services. The export consortium will market the products of sausages of Iberian pig and of white pig, fish
preserves, frozen and cooked shellfish, cod.

The main objective of Exnor Quality foods is the commercialization of Spanish products dedicated to an objective public that appreciates the quality of the products, with a great range of references and formats that can satisfy the new necessities of the clients.

EXNOR QUALITY FOODS, A.I.E. - Apdo. de Correos/P.O. Box 89 – 33180 Noreña (Asturias)-SPAIN
Phone: +34985791188 :-: Fax :+34985744519